Mooloolaba Marina – Berth Owner Information

Berth Owner Information

The waters at Mooloolaba Marina are leased by our parent entity the Sunshine Coast Aquatic Centre from the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Each separate surveyed berth is then individually sub-leased.

Berth Sales & Purchases

Initial enquiries regarding berth sales and purchases are not handled by our Marina Office. If you are interested in purchasing a berth or in selling your current berth, you may contact Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers  who currently have a number of berths for sale on their books, as well as a number of registered buyers.

Accompanying each berth transfer will be the following ;

  • Application for Membership and to Acquire Sub-Lease
  • Application by Sub-Lessee(s) for Consent to Transfer Sub-Lease 
  • Agreement for Sale of Marina Berth Sub-lease – provided by your Broker
  • $250 berth transfer application fee – payable by both the buyer and seller, per berth – please contact your Broker regarding how this is to be paid

Rental Pool Management

The Mooloolaba Marina acts at the booking/management agency for those wanting to rent out their berth.

If you decide to place your berth into our rental pool, we offer a GUARANTEED rental income, paid monthly.

So regardless of whether your berth was rented, if it was available for rent you will be paid your guaranteed rental income.

Rental pool payments are paid in arrears for the preceding month. The income is calculated on a daily basis for that month and credited to your account and your income less fees is credited to your account at the start of each month.  

Please note :
To place your berth into the rental pool we require 1 weeks notice in writing (email preferred)
To remove your berth from the rental pool
1 Feb – 31 Oct = 1 months notice
1 Nov – 31 Jan = 3 months notice


Berth Owner Fees and Charges

Berth owners are charged their fees on a monthly basis – in advance, at the start of each month for that month. Once statements are issued each month, payment is required within 7 days. Your fees are the same each month.

Your berth owner fees and charges include 4 components – an operating expense charge, statutory charge, a sinking fund contribution, and an operating expense rebate. Please note that if you opt to privately rent out your berth, you are not entitled to the operating expense rebate.



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